5 benefits of meal replacements

When you find yourself rushed and ravenous, the idea of preparing a fresh, balanced meal from scratch isn’t always practical.

That's why the simplicity and convenience of meal replacements are a huge attraction for many people.1

Here we discover the benefits of replacing your usual meals and we're also picked out some of our favourites:

5 top benefits of meal replacements

  1. Convenience

How many times have you stared into your fridge after a busy day and gone straight for the takeaway menu? Or worked through lunch and ended up at the bottom of the office biscuit tin come 3pm? Meal replacements help solve these common diet-sabotaging dilemmas – they’re meal which contain nutrients that are ready in seconds.

  1. Calorie control

A lot of people struggle to count calories when cooking at home. A glug of olive oil here, a sprinkle of cheese there, and before you know it you’ve got a highly calorific meal.

You might think that you’d never be satisfied with a liquid meal replacement, but you’d be surprised how filling they can be. Forget the lurid, sugary shakes of the 80’s diet world – today’s meal replacements have been made with nutrition in mind – not just weight loss.

  1. Real results

Studies on meal replacements have yielded some impressive weight loss results.2

You’d be forgiven for assuming the weight lost would return rapidly after being lost, in the dreaded ‘yo-yo diet’ effect. This is not the case.

A review of the research available on meal replacements found that their use led to significantly greater weight loss after a year than with conventional diets.3

  1. Save time

Taking the pressure off some of your mealtimes and having nutritious fuel ready in an instant gives you back valuable time to get on with life.

Swapping your usual breakfast or lunch with a meal replacement can eliminate the risk of making poor food choices during your busiest hours – which leaves the evenings free for unwinding and cooking at leisure, alone or with your family.

  1. Save money

Organic vegetables, free-range eggs and wild-caught fish… a healthy diet doesn’t always come cheap. While we’re big advocates of health and wellness being accessible for all budgets, meal replacement diets can offer a more economical choice for one or two of your daily meals, helping to bring the cost of your grocery bill down while staying healthy.

What’s the best meal replacement diet?

We love the SlimExpert range. More than just food replacement products - SlimExpert is a whole weight management system with clinically proven results.

It’s designed to replace two of your three daily meals, as well as providing two tasty, filling snacks per day. The third meal of the day is up to you – just keep it below 800 calories to achieve weight loss.

The range includes three delicious meal replacement shakes:

  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate

Two handy porridge pots:

  • Golden syrup
  • Apple & cinnamon

SlimExpert is nutritionally balanced and calorie-controlled – while helping you feel fuller for longer. So, you can be sure you’re getting the right nutrition as you lose excess fat.

Can you live off meal replacements?

A healthy, balanced diet of whole foods is still ideal, but for those struggling with excess weight, the use of meal replacements long-term has shown to be effective for sustainable weight loss.

Meal replacements can be an excellent tool in the early stages of weight management to transition to a change in lifestyle.

Are protein shakes good meal replacements?

Protein shakes usually contain just protein. While this is great for people who need to increase their protein intake, they’re not the same as a meal replacement which provides nutritional benefits including a balance of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals.


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